Kris Rae is a Nashville based portrait photographer, focused on the place of business and commerce within art and music culture.
Kris has spent more than half his life with his camera in-hand, and excels at working on productions both big and small. From movie-sets and established artists, to start-ups and fledgling acts, Kris works well under pressure while connecting with his subjects and delivering stellar, message-driving imagery time and time again.


Professional Bio

While attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Kris’ career began as a stringer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review before taking on regular assignments for local glossies like Whirl Magazine and WQED’s Pittsburgh Magazine, all the while assisting for former ASMP President, Richard Kelly and a host of other photographers before moving to New York City.

In New York, Kris got his start in the equipment rooms of several rental houses such as Splashlight, Drive-In, and Neo Studios. Soon he was back to assisting with renowned editorial and fashion photographers such as Ben Baker, Douglas Bizzaro and Mark Mann, learning all along the way. However, he found his mentor in master still-life photographer Michael Molkenthin.

As Michael’s right-hand, Kris learned the technical prowess necessary to capture a wide variety of table-top objects and handle a high-volume of imagery photographing over 100 products a day for over 4 years.

In time, his desire to work with people again grew, and Kris began to explore Wedding Photography, and began to book clients in 2010. Quickly, Kris’ eclectic background proved to be his greatest strength, blending both the traditional elements of a wedding with spontaneous candids as well as dramatic portraiture to tell a rich and engaging story.

Now, after moving to Nashville, Kris’ focus has returned to his early editorial assignment-based roots. With over a decade’s worth of experience in other genres of photography, his portraiture is stronger than ever, serving local artists, and publications along with national brands and corporations to create compelling content for their needs.

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